Friday, January 16, 2009


You. . . Are . . . Kidding . . .Me! Isabella.Arci first bought something for 2SD and now she's selling it for 60SD!!!!!! Does she REALLLY think ANYONE will actually buy it?! And a top that was 8sd and again it's up for 60sd. The table was bought for 49sd but it doesn't mean she can't sell it for 50sd or 55sd!
I thought Isabella had SOME common sense in her. But seeing this. . .I'm not really sure.



Lettie97 said...

The gumball machine is rare-ish and the world map top I ahevn't seen anywhere so must be rare. It's basically for a point, I guess.. so...?!

AngelRuxxy said...

She uses them for when she is doing deals. Like someone says 'Ill pay 100sd for such so'. They first of all buy one thing from her star bazaar for 60 and then the thing they want for 40 to make 100. Get it? :P